Working Methods in attractions

Training: Digital strategies in tourism

During the project meeting in Gdansk 2018, Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Drazek and Agnieszka Miluniec from the University of Szczecin, discussed on strategy development for digitalization with the BalticMuseums team. The video displays the content of the workshop provided by the team from Szczecin. Video by University of Szczecin

Video: Output of BalticMuseums project

Our partners explain why the project BalticMuseums: LoveIT! was set up in the first place, what resulted from it and how you could join and benefit from the outputs.

Video: How to enhance exhibition with gamified app

René L. Vilsholm from NaturBornholm (Denmark) explains why and how he adds digital elements to NaturBornholm’s exhibition, using the gamification app system developed in the project BalticMuseums: LoveIT! Video by NaturBornhom and Stralsund University of Applied Sciences

Survey Advertising Museum Apps I BalticMuseumsXchange 20190912

Several members of the student consultancy in Stralsund (Studentische Unternehmensberatung, SUS) joined forces to develop a guide for advertising of museum apps (Bring Your Own Device, BYOD) as a support for the project “BalticMuseums: LoveIT!”. Within the Baltic Museums Beratungs GbR they researched online and in interviews towards building their own recommendations to the BalticMuseums […]

Training: Storytelling

In a training on storytelling, the BalticMuseums team explored the options of eye witness stories in an excursion to the shipyard of Gdansk. While many buildings do not exist anymore are in different use now, the eye wittness could by telling his story bring them and the event of  the 1980s of strikes around Solidarity […]

Gamification Concepts relevant for the Tourist Attraction Gamification Service

This document gives an overview of gamification concepts for Apps/Webapps in museums. This document defines the set of concepts to be included in the Tourist Attraction Gamification Service delivered within the BalticMuseums: Love IT! project. This document is used by the members of the development team of the Tourist Attraction Gamification Service within the BalticMuseums: […]

Training: Measuring User Experience

The BalticMuseums team held a training with Dr Monika Kwiecińska-Zdrenka on how to approach measuring the users’ experience. While all museums had already experience in gathering data from visitors, e.g. in pre-decessor projects when introducing first e-guides, Dr Monika Kwiecińska-Zdrenka shed a light on a systematic approach to a research process. Dr Monika Kwiecińska-Zdrenka – […]

Generic Learning Outcomes – A way of working

Generic Learning Outcomes in BalticMuseums: LoveIT! Malmö Museums, Sweden, is a cultural institution within the project that has used GLO as a tool for planning and evaluating its work since 2009, when members of the staff participated in a course led by Emily Johnson. Since then Malmö Museums has increased its number of visitors from […]

Training: Digital Natives – Netcamp

Maciej Jankowski and Magdalena Król of Fundacja Rozwoju Branży Internetowej “Netcamp” presents insights into the world of digital natives to museum staff at a project meeting in Malmö 2018. Video by Magdalena Król of Fundacja Rozwoju Branży Internetowej “Netcamp”

Training: Motivation and Loyalty

During the project meeting in Gdansk 2018, Krzysztof Stachura, PhD University of Gdańsk, was invited to work with BalticMuseums team on topics of motivation and loyalty of visitors. The video displays discussions and ideas of participants during the meeting. Video by Malmö Museums