Project Management

Lessons Learned Guide Helsingborg – City of Helsingborg I BalticMuseums Xchange 2019-01-14

Lotta Ahlberg (Sweden, Project Manager City of Helsingborg, IT and Digitization Department) and Max Lennartsson (Sweden, Digital project manager, City of Helsingborg, Department of culture affairs, Marketing and communication) presented „Lessons Learned with the App ‘Guide Helsingborg’ and other digital projects in Helsingborg”. Lotta and Max have been highly involved in developing Guide Helsingborg, an […]

Publication: Selection of Project Management Software

Which project management software suit best the needs of our project team in BalticMuseums: LoveIT! ? For selecting a suitable software that supports the management and internal communication our project partners, Karolina Muszyńska and Jakub Swacha (University of Szczecin, Faculty of Economics and Management, Institute of Information Technology in Management, Poland) applied a standardized method. […]

Kick-off Game

For the kick-off meeting we conducted a game to introduce partners, create personal bonds and explore each others expertise. It prooved to work well and was appreciated by the team. We played to have pairs of people interviewing and later presenting each other based on a structured provided questionnaire. Overview Context Situation & Challenge Solution […]

Online Meetings – Lessons Learned

1. Context Project: BalticMuseums: loveIT! 2017-2020 Touristic attractions, museums, IT specialists and universities in the South Baltic Region Co-financed by the South Baltic Programme 2. Situation & Challenge meetings for agreement of communication strategy and measures dispersed team (9 partners in different locations in 5 countries) no native English speakers mostly same time zone rare […]